Windows 10 update destroyed my computer

Applies to Windows: 10, 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. Windows 0, Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server next R2, Windows Server Technical Preview, Windows Vista

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    1. Windows 10 Destroyed My Computer Update

      After a long period of inactivity i – permanently disabling automatic updates, etc. – my desktop came out of hibernation and forced a blue connection. After this update, my new computer cannot stay on for more than 5 minutes without a blue screen with the message “Windows ran into a problem” with the error type “Driver_Power_State_Failure”.

      After making sure all my drivers were up to date, it proceeded. I was dealing with a corrupted Windows file, so I completely reinstalled Windows and kept my files.

      After reinstalling Windows, my PC rebooted and looks like it just went to sleep. I tried typing it until it appeared on a black screen where I could move part of the mouse pointer.

      After an appropriate reboot, it went to another black and white screen, but with a blinking write cursor. I couldn’t access the task manager or enter every little thing.

      After another reboot, I decided to boot it into the BIOS to see if it would boot from the Windows boot device. In fact, it could run, which is often prevented it from launching properly, which is what my desktop did.

      I felt completely exhausted and decided to do a clean install, although I said that this time I completely erased all programs from the hard drive, which was often an accidental (unpleasant) appearance of corrupted movies on my part. Make

      for some reason it went through the entire Windows startup and setup process, working with Cortana, including logging in etc. unable to do anything else.

      I am working on my PC. I am a musician. I use my own computer every day and I need it to make a living. I ran into Apple last year, but because this issue is so ridiculous and annoying, I was tempted to come back.

      Here are my appointments:

      Ryzen 1700

      G.16GB DDR4 3000Experience

      Game Asus B350-F

      GTX 1070

      EVGA 650W

      Super Nova G3

      Seagate 2TB Hard Drive

      Samsung 970 Pro M.2 512GB Solid State Drive

      and just Windows 10 Update Homepage


    2. Rollup KB4338819 for Windows 10 Version 1803 Build 17134.165 – July 10

      I was completely devastated by this letter, which was never a complete surprise.

      Now I’ve noticed that update problems happen quite often.

      Microsoft must have the perfect website that lists the step-by-step actions you want to take when Windows 10 updates and destroys the system?

      Does such a site exist? Where to start?

      Restoring Windows 10 after an update

      Step 1.
      SFC /scannow

      Step 2.

      Step 3.
      etc Uninstall the video driver, not to mention reinstall it.

    3. Windows 10 Settings

      Press “Windows + Pause Break” (at the top, next to the search lock) to open the “System” window.

      Windows 10: In the new version for Windows, File Explorer usually has a shortcut section. This includes your latest folders and files. By default, this page opens when the public opens a new window. If you prefer to open this regular computer more from the linkkami to your drives and additional library folders, do the following:

    4. Open a new explorer window.
    5. On the ribbon, click View.
    6. Click Options.
    7. In the General section, next to “Open File Explorer For:”, close This PC.
    8. Click OK.
    9. Global Credit for Lifehacker.