United States Coast Guard Sector

Associated Civil Positions:

  • Telephone engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Voice and Data Engineer
  • Telecommunications engineer
  • Chief Engineers

An information systems (IT) technician is usually responsible for setting up maintenance of Coast Guard systems, analog and computer voice systems (telephones and voice mail), and installation and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of the circuit through which the lines connect the systems. IT supports naval tactical command, instructions, communications, computers and systems.

Types Most Commonly Associated With IT:

They are common throughout the Coast Guard, Alaska, and Hawaii. IT workers work from territorially centralized SMS stores, district stations, craftsmen and all major carvers. Unit sizes will vary depending on Stark’s area of ​​responsibility. IT professionals are sent to the Coast Guard as needed to service, repair or install laptops and telephone equipment.

Training Available:

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IT – in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering, as well as the practical skills necessary to manage, repair, maintain and configure telephone and network wiring and therefore computer systems. Computer “A” school is the longestowned by the Coast Guard, often 28 weeks. Located in Calf Petaluma (just 50 cents north of San Francisco). Employees will definitely learn how to install a standard Coast Guard image on servers and client workstations, how to maintain Exchange servers, how to install microsoft cells and copper and fiber optic cables. learn online and how to privately move, add and modify dongles from PBXs and cell phone systems. Guard Coast “C” schools are generally available to middle-aged IT staff who are responsible for maintaining telephone voice mail services such as auto attendant and telephone changeover class. For career advancement, mid-level IT professionals can take part in the Advanced Mobile Computing, Engineering and Technology Education Program, which typically provides two years of paid full-time education for participants who choose a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. in general or engineering technology.


As a computer scientist, you both need to be proficient in telephone and computer hardware, be able to to work with details and be considered average in solving math problems. You must have normal color vision. Hands-on experience or previous training in the maintenance and repair of mobile phones or computer systems is preferred, not required.

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A sector is a unit deployed in a US Coast Guard country. Each sector is responsible for the execution of Coast Guard segments within its Area of ​​Responsibility (AOR) with operational support from Coast Guard tailors and airfields. Subordinate commands in a sector usually provide stations and aids to navigation (ATON) to the groups. Some Sector Commands also have subordinate units, such as Sector Field Offices and Maritime Security Units, in charge of you.The fulfillment of the mission in the materials of Sector Des aor. The Coast Guard consists of 37 sectors. replaced


Industries Coast Guard Groups, Security Maritime (MSO), Vessel Traffic Services and Office Operations (VTS). Previously, the group is huge and its units provided search and rescue (SAR), compliance with the law of the sea, the safety of pleasure craft and preserved aids to navigation. Forced msos u. S Laws and regulations regarding the safety of our vehicles, ships and the marine environment, and/or other law enforcement agencies. The new sector is the organizations on which the newly created prototype teams in York in 1996 depend, along with Baltimore and (later) San Diego 11. September leased out.

Prior to 2004, field operations in a single port were subject to multiple mission assignments (group, MSO and VTS) that were dispersed, physically unique command food locations, and various program specialists at Coast Guard Headquarters that were in short supply the unified voice of the public also crossed theI’m on a mission. The 9/11 riots led to a new unified guard approach, Coastal, which was inconvenient to use in the old scheme for multiple command ports. The transition of the Coast Guard from this Department of Transportation to the Department of Homeland Security and the enactment of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA) has given further impetus to restructuring and.

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In 2003, the Coast Guard expanded to unify your dog’s field of work for merchant ship safety, port and environmental safety, environmental action at sea, port safety, lane navigation, bridge management, search and more action (SAR), rescue and safe boating adventures under the command of the local sector. Sectoral organizational change has erased the historical division between prevention and therefore local response and has created an overarching framework that brings together many local activities, mandates and resources.sy to ensure the most effective mechanism and values ​​it for success in the public domain.

The Sector consolidates the command requirements and powers previously shared by several or more commands into a separate operational unit with a permanent command and highly trained expert staff.[1]

The Coast Guard is a sector of operational and coordinated response to emergencies, whether natural disasters (like Hurricane Katrina) or man-made, as well as complex day-to-day operations to enforce maritime safety regulations and protect the environment. In addition, it offers immediate safety and, after this safety assessment, at the maritime onset of an event, disaster or accident, a decisive synergistic interaction with the surgical treatment necessary for safety, maritime safety and external protection.[2]< / top>

The Coast Guard Sectors serve as universal services, primarily for maritime safety, security and environmental protection for large ports and port facilities. They bring with them multipurpose capabilities that allow them to live in a frontline marine environment where sector commanders have extensive powers. Corporate construct [3]


This sector represents a transformation of the specialized Coast Guard, which has traditionally organized its operational programs around centrally planned processes for the provision of operational services. It is aimed at the coordinated efforts of almost all assigned operational forces to achieve the objectives of the Coast Guard Mission.

Sector Commander Commander

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The specialist called by a sector is a specific sector, and the commander usually holds the rank of captain. Sector Commander holds the positions of Harbor Master (COTP) and Federal Maritime Security Coordinator (FMSC). Unless otherwise noted, the Area Commander is also the Officer in Charge (ocmi), Naval Search and Rescue (SMC), and Federal Scene Coordinator (FOSC). Pi Sector CommanderNo to the responsible district commander.[1]

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