How to unlock a computer when it is locked

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    Everyone who has ever used a computer knows the dreaded Lemon death screen. And this is usually not the only way a certain computer freezes. There are a number of new reasons why this is happening, as well as a number of methods for dealing with these problems, which can range from mild annoyance to long-term frustration.

    Why Are They Frozen? Computers

    It turns out that there are many different reasons why computers shut down more often, but most often this is due to the fact that the computer somehow overloaded.>


    Of course, there are various explanations for a computer freezing. This may be related to:

  • Component overheating
  • Software tool error
  • Driver corruption
  • computer virus
  • While you may not immediately understand why your computer is freezing, there are other ways to troubleshoot and identify the problem so that it does not happen again.

    How To Unfreeze Your Computer

    If the cause of your computer freezing is troubleshooting, start with the more obvious ways first. Sometimes you may need to charge your wireless mouse or keyboard recently. Or maybe a simple be, a reset might not be enough. Some

    Where Nemed HelpsThere are undoubtedly several possible solutions that you can try before troubleshooting potential software or product issues.

    1. You End Programs In The Task Manager

    1. Invoke Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
    2. It can show you the main processes and applications running.
    3. Note Codelogica much CPU and memory each is using.
    4. If the total number is slightly above 100%, you must press the appropriate task completion key for the number of programs specified.
    5. This will free up CPU and physical memory resources, which may cause the computer to freeze.
    6. Alternatively, if any program crashes, you should definitely click “End Task” to close it manually and unfreeze your computer.

    2.Check Your Browser Extensions

    Browser extensions sometimes don’t work properly, which can cause the PC market to freeze on or in browsers. In particular, Google Chrome can save you resources, If you open multiple tabs or use too many extensions. If this scenario sounds good, it might be because your browser is crashing, not your actual computer.

    1. In this case, disable try all new extensions to see if the problem is resolved. Phone
    2. If so, consider including them one at a time, isolating the browser extension causing the problem.
    3. As soon as you find a problematic extension, remove it to avoid repeated laptop crashes.

    Software Solutions For Computer Defrosting

    If the solutions above don’t work, the problem might be with the plan. Luckily, there are several methods you can try if you need to fix this problem. This includes using System Restore, reinstalling other newer drivers, and scanning your technology for malware.

    1. Use The System Function

    Recovery System is a recent development that includes great, severalSo many underused features in Windows 10. System Restore creates almost all snapshots of your current PC so you can “restore” them later. It also creates new defined points, which are the moments when changes are identified in the system. This is very handy if a system or driver update installation goes wrong, or if it turns out that you have installed a faulty application that you want to completely uninstall

    In order to use System Restore, you must first enable it manually. Here’s how:

    1. Open the start menu.
    2. Search for “Create a restore point” and first click the whole icon to open the system properties page.
    3. In the “Security Settings” field, select the disabled hard drive.
    4. Click the Customize button.
    5. Select Enable system protection.
    6. Click Apply.

    After enabling this feature, you can easily restore your system to boot from many locations. Think of it like streaming before saving in a tutorial game. If you accidentally admitIf an error occurs and your computer freezes, you can always get a useful backup before downloading.

    2. Recently Installed Drivers

    If you do not fix problems with the recovery system, you can reinstall the current drivers. Sometimes when a male is a female and doesn’t update properly, it can cause problems including system crashes.

    Manager p>

    1. Open devices from the taskbar or from the start menu.
    2. To automatically update driver software search, right-click drivers and select all options.
    3. Now you can update your own drivers (on request).

    If the above doesn’t work, the car owner can uninstall and reinstall right away. Workaround This workaround will resolve possible future issues caused by the recently discontinued driver.

    1. Open Device Manager.
    2. Right-click the desired bus driver and select Uninstall.
    3. restarts the computer, causing windows to be automatically reinstalled t driver.

    3. Analyze This Malware

    Malware is one of the most dangerous things a PC uses. Many users do not know where malware resides on their system, which over time can cause problems on the device, including crashing them.

    A Hardware Expert Will Help You Unfreeze Your Computer

    While software requirements are the most common cause of computer freezes, your hardware may be the culprit. Assuming you don’t also need to make any changes or updates right away as the steps to try now are now. These include a hard drive test, a component overheating test, and a memory test.

    1. Check Your Hard Drive Once

    1. Go to My Computer again. You
    2. Right click to open the Properties tab.
    3. Click on the “Tools” tab.
    4. Perform flawless with error checking scan.

    2.Make Sure Your Components Don’t Overheat

    3.Check Your Memoryyat

    1. Access diagnostics to the Windows Memory Tool from the start menu.
    2. The tool will automatically restart your computer and run a series of ongoing tests to check for RAM problems.
    3. After the tests are completed, your computer will restart and display the test results.
    1. Use your manufacturer’s BIOS setup trick, which can F2, enable F10, F12, F1, or DEL.
    2. After entering the BIOS, you can individually adjust the RAM speed to a lower reliable setting by activating or an XMP profile that comes with your RAM’s approved speed.


    There are many reasons why your computer won’t work. Before thinking about costly upgrades, consider that it might just be a matter of troubleshooting various options to make sure you find possible causes.

    While the previous methods cover a wide range of related issues, in some cases it makes sense to consult an IT professional. If problems with hardware or softwareIf the software is beyond your desires in terms of skills or final debugging, it is better to turn to a professional.

    However, in the vast majority of cases, you should be able to fix your computer freezing by following our standard tips.