Hornbill Core Services version 3.1.2 release notes



Please confirm if the following statement is true:

If a .Net 1.1 application is running on a brewer that has the 1.1 and 2.0 runtimes installed, the application will attempt to run in the 2.0 runtime. All

In other words, if you organize your application for not a specific runtime, but to make the best use of the runtime installed on the machine.

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Does anyone have any ideas on this particular question – this is causing the current wording issue and I need to figure out why.

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let’s go

ok, let’s assume it uses the entire execution environment it was designed for…

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Every .application.uses.a.new.infrastructure.that.was.built.for.because.its.code.is.considered.fixed.by.the.net.runtime..

If you are running an application from .net 2.0 to 1.1, you should definitely set it up for 1.1

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B. Knight

But a task designed for .NET1.1 can run on a machine that barely has .NET 2.0 installed.

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Yes it works…since 2.0 is a superset of 1.1…of course every app will work…

Notes For Version 3.1.2 Of Hornbill Core Services



Welcome to Core Services 3.1 support. 2 is the latest minor update to improve the reliability of the web server. With whatever version of Supportworks ESP (starting from version 7.4.0you ) are not experiencing, you will benefit from the additional security benefits that upgrading to Core Services offers in this situation.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of this firmware, simply install the other version directly from this account. Note that the update will most likely automatically reset your Apache configuration file (the existing httpd.conf) and install a new one in its place. So if you’ve customized your theme, you’ll need to migrate those changes from your saved game to the new httpd.conf art file. Keep in mind that almost any change you make to the httpd.conf file type will require a restart of the SwHttpServer service.< /p>

As always, if your entire family is having any issues or would like questions about your particular pre-post or upgrade installation, please contact Hornbill Technical Support at +44 208 582 8228 or email support@hornbill.com.

NOTE About issues with multiple PHP installs: Fixed conflicts between services and large independent PHP installations (specifically 5)php. In one case, this was unique because PHP 5 passed through the path directory simply with the %path% environment variable, so the main services version of PHP could use some of the files located in that path. For this reason, it is generally not recommended to set unique versions PHP is on the same server as the main services. This should be taken into account when troubleshooting related issues with rendering pages in php web browsers as well as in the Supportworks client. NOTE.

Important about backups. Before upgrading a running system, make sure you have a full backup of core services along with the database.DE

Warning UPGRADE WITHOUT CONTRACT: You attempt to apply this update to a network and do not have a perfect current support/service offering from Supportworks or Assetworks, the upgraded system may fail if you do so after the installation is complete, you must restore the previous installation as well, and a backup copy. Please make sure you have a valid support/maintenance contract before requesting an upgrade.


Important Requirement For This Version

To start a restructured service (in swhttpserver specifically the php4apache2 module) included in Core Services 3.1. dll is required. This has been included in most settings of the Runtimeside operating system (and other Windows components since Windows 2000), but not in the minimum usage of Windows 2003 R2.

You can check for the presence of this dll before installing/updating core services, or after if you run into an incredible error that might be related to its absence.

To search to find the previous DLL before installing or modifying, you can find “MSVCR80.dll” in the Windows\WinSxS folder. (Note that depending on the version of Windows available and the best software installed, there may be custom /versions instances of Survive dll. But that doesn’t matter – you just need to make sure you have at least one.)

If, after a basic installation or upgrade, SwHttpServer fails to start due to a missing dll, you will see a specific error entry in Windows System Activity, the log description of which is:”The dependent assembly Microsoft.VC80.Crt could not be found. Last and Triggered Error: Assembly not installed on your personal system”.

If you find that a DLL is missing, you need to install it. The required Microsoft distribution was still here:

http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.Information aspx?displaylang=en&id=5638

For more information about parallel builds of Windows and Winsxs builds see:


New And Improved In Version 3.1.2

Apache HTTP Server (SwHttpServer) updated to version 2.2.21 from OpenSSL version 0.9.8r

This core services release includes the current compatible versions of Apache (2.2.21) and OpenSSL (0.98r) at the time of publication. PHP MySQL versions with Core Services 6.1.1 remain unchanged.