Troubleshooting AWS CodeBuild

For business reasons, I’m forced to create another container window for our internal repository.
Here’s my Docker story:

FROM com/windows/nanoserver:1909
 mkdir WORKDIR RUN c:/nexus
 mkdir "sontype-job"
 RUN mkdir "nexus-3.36.0-01"
 COPY nexus-3.36.0-01 "nexus-3.36.0-01"
 copy sonatypy-work
 RUN "c:\\nexus\\nexus-3 cd.36.0-01\\bin"

I’m using a Windows Nano Server image and the build definitely works fine, but I’m getting this error

How do I get rid of Nexus repository manager?

userA generic application can be stopped with CTRL+C on the appropriate console. The nexus .exe executable can be used if you want to manage the repository manager as a separate service using the /install , /stop , /reactivate , /force-reload , and /situation commands.

Docker: Error daemon response: Reservoir f204eff7c7e188ee05bae2835dbeca8b9709b88979025669cf6ea64ed36d04cd encountered an error during hcsshim::System::CreateProcess:Declining in the Windows system call: The system cannot find the prescribed file. (0x2)
[Event Detail: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000]
Provider: [Event Detail: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000]
Provider: Detail: [onecore event\ vm\compute\management\orchestration\vmhostedcontainer\processmanagement.cpp(173)\vmcomputeagent.exe!00007FF62928B1D7: (caller: 00007FF62923E70B) 80070002 exception(2) tid(390) System cannot find information provided. ]
Vendor: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000].

docker run -d -p 8081:8081 self/nexus

Use in the posts in this section to help someone identify, diagnose, and resolve problems. for
Learn how to record and then monitor CodeBuild builds to troubleshoot issues while viewing them.
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Apache Maven Creates Reference Artifacts
From Nope


Problem: When using Maven, even though it is provided by AWS CodeBuild.
Java Workspace, Build Maven pull build plugin and Alexa dependencies from repository
Maven Central Database at Sometimes this happens when your construction project
pom.File xml is explicitly declaredAllows the use of other locations

Why can’t I start Nexus on Linux?

If you try to start Nexus and the port specified in “” ( in classic Nexus versions) is in help, the launch will fail. You can find out what ports are being used on a Linux machine by simply running nmap localhost or netstat -atun.

Possible Cause: Build Provided by java by codebuild
In some parts of the world, a file named settings.xml is shipped and pre-installed.
assembly, /root/directory.m2 environment is important.this
The settings.xml file contains the following conditions, which
advise Maven to always get growth and plugin dependencies from Guard Central
Maven Repository

central secure
central security





Sat Instructionsorcs Run As Root

Problem: AWS CodeBuild runs available build commands as root.
User . This happens even if your associated assembly image’s Dockerfile contains
USER Instructions for some users.

How do I reset my Nexus windows?

Start NXRM by running what I would say is the nexus file from a command shell. To start the repository manager from the application directory in the bin file, do one of the following: On a Unix-like platform such as Linux, use the following command: ./nexus run. On Windows, use the following command: nexus.exe /run.

Reason. By default, all build commands work like CodeBuild.
the most important user.

Compilation May Fail If The Filenames Are Not In The US.
English Characters

How do I know if my Nexus is running?

Verify Nexus is running by getting the URL: :port/nexus/index. HTML document. Tip: The default port is 8081.

Problem: when running the version that works with files
that non-American names contain characters (such as Chinese characters) that
fails to develop.

How do you restart a nexus service?

Go to your server (main) computer.
Scroll down somewhere and double click NexusDB Server V3 or V4.
Alternatively, select Stop and wait for the service to complete.
Select “Restart” and make sure the service restarts.

What does “error response from Daemon unable to remove volume” mean?

In short, the “Daemon Error Response: Unable to move volume” project is triggered when trying to delete a volume in Docker. This usually happens when the volume is used independently of the container. Today we saw our support engineers fix this bug. PREVENT YOUR SERVER FROM A Crash!

How to use Docker for Windows client with azure Nexus?

Therefore, in the Azure portal (or using this CLI), frequently open incoming ports destined for 8082, 80 to access your Nexus server. With everything set up correctly, I set up my Docker client for windows on windows containers and connected to some registries. To move these images to this registry, you can mark the image as default with this registry.