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Show More Information About Managing Currently Loaded Services Or Daemons

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The System Services/Daemons section displays a list of Windows services loaded on Windows endpoints or Mac OS X/Unix daemons that are currently running on the selected Mac or Linux operating system endpoint, and their running status. The agent can also display a short description of the service and stop/start services/daemons as needed.

  • Open
    Computers panel and double-click any endpoint to open it.
    “Computer Properties”
  • Click
    on the Services or Daemons tab on the left.
  • Time
    The interval during which all lists of “services/daemons” come from the fantasy endpoint.
    The update occurs according to the default values ​​in “Agent Settings” for the policy often.
    in action at the endpoint. For more information, see Configuration.
    Agent Settings
    for details.

  • For
    nemedLen to refresh the “System Services/Daemons lol” interface, click

  • To stop a running service/daemon, locate it and click Stop by clicking Stop at the bottom of the interface, or right-click it and select Stop Service/Stop Daemon.
  • To start a stopped service/daemon, log in and click “Start” at the bottom of the interface, or click it and try “Start Service”/”Start Daemon”.
  • To pause a service/daemon, right-click it or select Pause Service/Pause Daemon.
  • To temporarily restart a stopped service/daemon, right-click it and select Resume Service/Daemon.
  • To close the Selected System Services/Endpoint Daemons screen, usually click Close.
  • To initiate an online helpdesk session with the specified endpoint, click Desktop.