How to fix usb_bulk_write error without errors


When users send me emails (redirected using Office Microsoft 365) from outside, they receive the message:

550 5.7.64 Assigning access to a tenant; Relay denied smtp.


  • You are using an inbound connector in Office 365 configured to use a locally generated certificate for outbound server type authentication. (This is the generally recommended method. The alternative is essentially the IP address). However, the local document Mc Fixit longer matches the certificate it resides in the specified Office 365. This may be due to an extended preset location, or the certificate is new/updated using a different name.
  • The IP address configured in the Office 365 connector no longer matches the IP address used by the sending server.
  • Resolution

    In order for the upload to identify this specific server and allow the transfer, Office 365 must have a properly assembledand connector, your connector must match any server send.1:

    Option To Restart HCW To Change Incoming Connector (recommended For Mixed Clients)

    Run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) again to upgrade the inbound connector to Online exchange. Keep in mind that any other manual customization of the hybrid theme (which is unusual) may need to be repeated after the wizard completes. You can certainly find information about individual TLS certificate email sender values ​​and changes in the HCW logs. A lot of information can be found in the hybrid Installation Wizard. Or

    1. Download and run the hybrid configuration wizard from the EAC on the web. Safe
    2. Make sure there are many new certificates available on the transport certificate page selected.

    If the wizard completed successfully, guessing the TLSSenderCertificate name should result in a certificate used for the local server. Changes will take effect after a while.

    Option 2. Edit Toincoming Mail Connector Without Running It

    Make sure the new certificate is normally sent from the on-premises Exchange server so that users use Online Protection (EOP) when sending external email. If a new certificate is not sent from on-premises Exchange when you need EOP, a new on-premises configuration issue may occur. Confirm the issue by enabling the connection to send the specific connector you are using, for lesson planning emails, in Office 365, and review these logs. To find the send log destination, the connector runs the following cmdlet for the site, where the servers are listed in the most send connectors. (Here we are assuming that the name of the Send connector used to redirect to external websites is EOP “Outbound to Office 365”.)

    (Get-SendConnector "outgoing to office 365").SourceTransportServers | foreach get-transportserver $ Select-Objectname, SendProtocolLogPath
    (Get-SendConnector | To office "outbound 365").SourceTransportServers | foreach get-transportservice $ | object Select SendProtocolLogPath
    1. Check and I’m logged in to forward the connector to make sure that the thumbprint of the certificate is required to send Exchange to the network. Here is an example code for the Send connector protocols.

      Date/Time Outgoing Session Id Work Wednesday, 365 Sequence Number Local Endpoint Remote Endpoint <,220 2.0.SMTP 0 Server Date/Time Ready Office 365 Outgoing Time Id From Session, SequenceNumber,LocalEndpoint,RemoteEndpoint,*,,Certificate Submission Date/Time,Home or Office 365 Outbound Outbound,SessionID,SequenceNumber,LocalEndpoint,RemoteEndpoint,*,CN=*, Certificate Subject Date/Time ,Outgoing to Organization 365 , SessionID,SequenceNumber ,LocalEndpoint,RemoteEndpoint,*,"CN=CommonName, OU=OrganizationalUnit, O=OrganizationName, L=Location, S=State, C=Country", Name of 'certificate issuer Date/Time , Outbound to Office Serial 365, Session ID, Sequence Number, Local Endpoint, Endpoint, Remote Serial*, Certificate Number, Certificate Number Date/Time, Outbound to Office 365, Session ID, Sequence Number, Local Endpoint, Endpoint toch ka, deleted *, certificate thumbprint, certificate thumbprint
    2. At this point, you can insertCheck the relevant receipt in the Office 365 Connector and verify that the reward amount matches. In this example, all tlssendercertificatename values ​​should be set to *



    Do you need help anymore? Visit the Microsoft Community forum or exchange Technet.

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    Error Incorrect or ID missing when entering mail transport server details. Please try the appropriate settings/credentials

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    This error code indicates that you have used the SMTP protocol for ESMTP, from the tanto port found in the corresponding message and transmitting error messages in the SMTP protocol.