Fix Your Pc Bash Brain

You may not have accepted Linux as your computer yet, but you can still use it to save to your Windows PC – whether you need to reset passwords, recover deleted files, or search for startup, here’s how.< /p>

Today we will try to introduce you to some of the most useful areas where you can your entire Windows PC with an Ubuntu Live CD, but remember that the help will do exactly what you can run from any version of Linux.< /p>

Create an Ubuntu Live CD

The first thing you need to do is create your own Ubuntu Live CD, and while you can just burn the ISO image to your hard drive and discard it, you might want to consider a custom version of the Live CD using the contained Reconstructor applications and so don’t enabled by default.

Alternative: create a live Ubuntu USB

Because having a CD is not always the most practical in business, you can also create and start a live Ubuntu USB stick, which is actually nothing more thanA flash drive with a copy of Linux installed, which will likely get you directly booted into Linux much faster than a store-bought CD. If you really want to make it fancy, you can pretty much make any persistent Ubuntu flash you can use to store your settings.

The problem with this method is that not all PCs support booting from a flash drive, and older PCs are less likely to have problems, but booting from a better flash drive is less likely. Therefore, you should always have a live CD with you while you feel good.

Tip: You can also copy 7 windows to a test drive, which is very handy if you use System Restore to keep your computer from booting up.

Change reset password

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to recover Windows using Linux is to try to recover a forgotten password. All you might have to do is restart it and run a few commands like reset your password. T k just like that. Here are some other ways to do it for Windows and Linux:

  • Change or reset your Windows password from the Ubuntu Live CD.
  • Reset Ubuntu password easily from Live CD
  • Change a forgotten Windows password using the Linux System Recovery CD
  • The previous option doesn’t use the Ubuntu Live CD, of course, but the system recovery CD is also useful, so I thought we should add it to the list.

    Diagnosing Windows or hardware problems

    There are many ways to use Ubuntu to diagnose hardware problems, but the first one is really self-explanatory when you think about it – just boot from Live. Linux environment that does your job. If the Linux system is working correctly, the issue below is likely related to a Windows or Virus Rider issue.

    You can also run a variety of tools to inspect new hardware more thoroughly. For example, memtest86+ can run some serious RAM tests on your engine to make sure you don’t have problems with it, or perhapsyou can use CPU Burn if you need to test your processor board and.

    Clone your hard drive

    If you’ve just replaced your hard drive with a new one, or if you want to easily back up your entire system, you can use the Ubuntu Live CD to clone your drive image, or transfer that drive image even using technology to another computer to safe storage. Here are some of the possibilities we looked at:

  • Clone hard drive using Ubuntu Live CD
  • Creating an Ubuntu Live CD image
  • Transferring a disk image over a network using Ubuntu Live CD
  • Of course, you should definitely check out our guide to know exactly which songs you need to back up from any Windows PC to keep your computer running, always, but when you’re in a hurry, it’s very handy. to be able to make a copy of the hard drive.

    Get data (like a medical examiner)

    You don’t have to go to school to become a real forensic expert – just read oursee the article “You and You Can Still Recover Deleted Files with this Toolkit from Right Out of the Box”. If you’re a geek, problematic is a very useful skill set to add to your nerd resume.

    Recover data like a forensic expert with the Ubuntu Live CD

    Recover deleted files

    Have you accidentally deleted files that your family really needs from your computer? You can use the Ubuntu live file recovery CD with a few keystrokes in the terminal and you’ll be up and running in no time.

    Sure, if your PC wants to boot into Windows, people should probably read our guide on how to recover accidentally deleted files, but whenever your PC stops booting due to a virus or something, it’s probably , it will be useful to learn the methods.

    Difficulty recovering deleted files on NTFS drive from Ubuntu Live CD

    Scan Windows for viruses

    Virus cleaning is one of the most common tasks Windows PC Recovery and our Ubuntu Live CD can really help you as there are a lot of very good antivirus programs with Linux versions released this month. All you have to do is almost certainly go to Synaptic Forex Package Broker , find Avast and include it in your In-Live CD session.

    Actually, there are a few more steps, but none of them are more complex. You don’t have to worry about installing software during a Live CD session, which just installs from memory… After a reboot, it may well disappear. You click on the link for a complete step-by-step guide.

    Scan your Windows PC for viruses from the Ubuntu CD Aria-level=”2″

    Securely delete data from your PC hard drive

    If you’re giving away your PC, selling it to someone else, or just want to make sure your annoying drive is clean, you can use Ubuntu cd Live to clean up the drive. The overwritten web data is needed so that a person can restore everything.if

    Of course, your company needs to erase disks often, everyone is better offmake a bootable copy yourself and paste something like “destroy only this” because it requires some important steps, but if all you have is your phone. your ubuntu manager is cds, live this method works fine.

    Use the new Ubuntu Live CD to securely delete data from your PC’s hard drive

    Repairing corrupted backup CDs

    Do you have a backup? Is the CD too scratched to cut properly? You can use any of our command line ddrescue tools to get as much information as you can from this drive, and it’s really not that hard. Boot from the Live CD immediately and follow our guide to recover some files.